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Culinary Tours

Each region of Kerala has its own unique and distinctive flavor to savor. The fecund climate of the region is conductive for the growth of some exotic edibles that serve as good ingredients for delicacies. The sea food of Kerala is simply awesome which is cooked and served with utmost care. Rice and coconut oil serve as base and main ingredient for most of Kerala cuisines. Like other South Indian states, rice and cassava (Tapioca) are the staple food of Kerala. Culinary Tours is the best part of Kerala tour packages.

Kerala Ayurveda Tour

Ayurveda is a composite word, made with Sanskrit words Ayu (life) and Veda (knowledge/science), which when translated means Science of Life. Kerala Ayurveda therapies rely on five thousand years old wisdom whose ultimate aim is not only the well being of body but also to make your mind and soul pure.

Kerala Holidays

Kerala Holidays are highly popular among the global travelers. The gifted land of Kerala is dotted with captivating charms for tourists like pristine beaches with swaying coconut groves, mist clad hill stations, serene backwaters and magnificent temples. We have devised our itinerary for Kerala holidays tour for the visitors so that they make explore the maximum number of charms of this wonderful land called Kerala, which is also known as the "God's Own Country"... Kerala holidays is one of the best Kerala tour packages to explore Kerala.

Kerala Houseboats

An average Kerala houseboat could measure up to 80 ft in length and some traditional ones have nail-free joints as they are tied using coir ropes only. The houseboats are extensively used for cruising in world famous Kerala backwaters and are a hit among the honeymooners and romance seekers. Some houseboats have special themes like Wedding, Honeymoon, Romance, Royal, Rustic etc.There are super deluxe, premium and luxury houseboats...

Kerala Backwaters

Kerala backwaters are an enticing network of brackish lagoons and beautiful lakes that run parallel to the Malabar Coast near Arabian Sea. The backwaters constitute a network of 38 lagoons, rivers, rivulets, canals, streams and estuaries that extend to 900 km, passing through several town and cities. Kerala tour packages constitute a unique system where freshwaters of the rivers confluence with the azure blue waters for the Arabian Sea.

Kerala Honeymoon Tour

Kerala has several allures for honeymoon couples that are favorite of the love birds and youngsters around the world. The gifted land of Kerala has no dearth of allures that will keep the honeymoon couples mesmerized and amused all along their stay in this God's Own Country. In fact, Kerala is counted among the Top 20 Honeymoon Destinations of the World by several leading tour operators of the world. Kerala's landscape is dotted with several allures for tourists.

Kerala Wildlife Tour

Kerala has 02 national parks and 12 wildlife sanctuaries. Out of the total stretch of 1800 km of Western Ghats mountain ranges, 450 km falls in Kerala. In terms of area, it amounts to 21856 sq km of the geographical area of the state. The figure equals to 56 percent of the total geographical area of Kerala whose flora and fauna is sustained and nurtured by 44 rivers that flow through the region.The entire area is rich in luxuriant tropical moist vegetation and evergreen & semi-evergreen forests at best Kerala tourism packages.

Culture of Kerala

Kerala's culture is a potpourri of traditional values and modern ethos. Kathakali, Mohiniattam and Kalaripayattu are traditional dance forms of Kerala that have trespassed it borders and are now appreciated all over India and abroad. Thiruvathirakali is a colorful dance performance which is done by women during Onam festival. Snake Boat Race is another major draw for tourists who come to Kerala at best Kerala tour packages to explore its rich culture.

Kerala Fairs & Festivals

There are good number of festivals and fairs that are observed with much ado in the God's Own Country - Kerala. Kerala festivals could be categorized into religious festivals, harvest festivals, temple festivals etc. Besides that, elephant pageants are also organized throughout the year which are central to the festivities of Kerala people. People dress themselves in colorful attires, make big size colorful flower rangolis and eat luscious traditional delicacies during Kerala fairs & festivals at best Kerala tourism packages.

Kerala Adventure Tour

Rippling rivers, rolling hills, dense forests and mighty mountains of Kerala provide enough opportunities to enthusiasts to enjoy adventure sports. The state has enough charms for adventure seekers that attract them to have Kerala adventure tour so that they may explore and experience the thrill of adventure sports themselves.

Alleppey Backwaters Tour

Alleppey backwaters are famous all over for their great houseboat cruises. Alleppey is also known officially as Alappuzha and the city has earned the sobriquet of "Venice of the East" due to its importance as a trading center. Alleppey backwaters are a beautiful maze of blue lagoons, rivulets, canals and stream that confluence in the region on best tour packages to Kerala.

Highlights of Kerala

The picturesque Kerala is flanked by Arabian Sea in the West and Western Ghat mountain ranges in the East. Malabar Coast of Kerala is a tourist hub which has many pristine beaches, enchanting backwater stretches and water sport destinations. The beautiful "God's Own Country"- Kerala has been put under "50 Places of a Lifetime" list by the prestigious National Geographic Traveler magazine. The state is counted among "Ten Paradises of the Word" by several global tourism providers.