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Culture of Kerala Tour

Kerala's culture is a potpourri of traditional values and modern ethos. Kathakali, Mohiniattam and Kalaripayattu are traditional dance forms of Kerala that have trespassed it borders and are now appreciated all over India and abroad. Thiruvathirakali is a colorful dance performance which is done by women during Onam festival. Snake Boat Race is another major draw for tourists who come to Kerala to explore its rich culture. Centuries old Ayurveda natural therapy centers are a great draw for medical tourists to Kerala. Serene backwaters cruises and grand temple festivals which are characterized by massive elephant processions are an integral part of the culture tour of Kerala. Our week long Culture of Kerala tour would make you familiar with the richness and grandeur of the art and culture of Kerala and its people.

Day 01 : Kozhikode Sightseeing

We will receive you at Kozhikode Airport on your arrival on day one of your Kerala Culture tour and then drive you to your resort. The beautiful Kozhikode is flanked by the azure Arabian Sea in the West and the Wayanad Hills in the East. Once you freshen up, we will proceed to the beautiful Beypore Beach and spend some lovely time there and thereafter we will proceed for the sightseeing of Krishna Menon Waterfalls at Thusharagiri and Pazhassirajah Museum. Dolphin's Nose, Raja Art Gallery and Thikkoti Lighthouse are other attractions of Kozhikode. We will end our day with the sightseeing of Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary and a visit to Tali Temple. Football is the most popular game here and the city is also known as the "Second Mecca of Football Lovers". Your overnight stay will be at Kozhikode resort where you will be served traditional Kozhikodan Halwa.

Day 02 : Beaches of Kappad and Kozhikode

We shall sail to the pristine Kappad Beach in the morning through Korappuzha River. Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama landed at Kappad beach five centuries ago with 170 men and 3 vessels. The beautiful beach is locally known as Kappakadavu beach. A protruding rock is the most striking feature of the beach. There is 800 year old temple on the edge of the beach. After lunch, we will proceed to the sightseeing of Kozhikode beach which is characterized by two 125 years old sea piers that extend well into the sea. Here we will enjoy the romantic view of sunset and then finally return to our beach side resort at Kappad for dinner.

Day 03 : Mahe sightseeing

The beautiful Mahe town is situated 58 km from Kozhikode. Tourists come to Mahe to explore its natural beauty. It presents a perfect blend of colonial grace and modernity. There are a handful of Gothic style churches here and the policemen wearing French style caps (Kepis) that remind us of its colonial legacy. In first half of March, whole of the Mahe gets into festive fervor when exuberant Theyyatam ceremonies are observed with much ado during Puthalam festivities.

Day 04 : Traditional Dance Performances

Kerala dance performances are categorized into 4 main groups viz. folk dances, dance dramas, martial dances and semi-classical dances. We will watch some of these traditional dance performances of Kerala during Kerala Culture tour the day like Kathakali, Theyyam, Thullal, Koodiyattam, Oppana, Margamkali, Aravanmuttu and Thitambu Nritham.

Day 05 : Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Wayanad is blessed with wilderness of Malabar Coast and is home to large varieties of flora and fauna. Elephants, spotted deer, cheetah, sloth bear, bonnet monkeys, jackals, hares etc. are the main mammalian species of the sanctuary. The sanctuary has 20,864 hectare of forest reserve area which is replete with thick vegetation of plants consisting of eucalyptus, rosewood, jack trees, anjili trees and mullumurikku trees (Erthrina). Nearby Nagarhole Elephant Sanctuary is habitat of the tuskers whom you can view from a close range during your jeep safari of the sanctuary.

Day 06 : Cheruthuruthy sightseeing

Cheruthuruthy is home to globally acclaimed Kerala Kalamandalam - the distinguished school of Kathakali performing dance form. It has very beautiful eco-gardens. The town lies in Thrissur district and there are a good number of yoga training centers here. You can also get spa massages, foot massages, steam baths etc. in the nature cure centers of Cheruthuruthy. The centers also offer treatments for insomnia, obesity, indigestion etc duirng Kerala Cultural tour. We will have a joy boat ride in Bharatapuzha (Nila) backwaters and also see Vallathol Museum. At evening, we will watch traditional Kerala dance performances in Kalamandalam which is located near the banks of river Nila.

Day 06: Cheruthuruthy sightseeing

On the last day of your Culture of Kerala Tour, we will proceed for the sightseeing of Kochi's attractions like the Dutch Palace, Jewish Synagogue, Fort Kochi, Santa Cruz Basilica, Hill Palace Museum, St. Francis Church and. Post lunch, we will sail along the Chinese Fishing Nets and then to the beautiful Willingdon Island. In evening, we will visit Bolghatty Island whose main attraction is the beautiful Bolghatty Palace. Our overnight stay will be at a beach resort in Kochi.

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