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Kerala Ayurveda Tour

Ayurveda is a composite word, made with Sanskrit words Ayu (life) and Veda (knowledge/science), which when translated means Science of Life. Kerala Ayurveda therapies rely on five thousand years old wisdom whose ultimate aim is not only the well being of body but also to make your mind and soul pure.

Kerala Ayurveda tour allows individuals to get the rejuvenating feel of Ayurvedic treatments during their medical tour of India. We have specialized Ayurvedic and Nature Cure Centers all over popular tourist destinations like beaches, hill stations and backwater locations in Kerala. You will be provided Kerala Ayurveda treatment in these traditional therapy centers as per your choice and convenience. Our week long itinerary for Kerala Ayurveda tour is provided in brief below:

Day 01 : Panchkarma (Five Way Body Purification) Therapy

Toxic substances keep accumulating in our body throughout our life due to our wrong eating habits, climatic changes and lifestyle related problems. Panchkarma is an elaborate Five Way Body Purification Process through which toxins are extracted out from your body to make it pure and healthy. The five processes of Panchkarma therapy are:

Snehapanam : The process is used to cure gastroenterological ailments through oral intake of ghee, cow milk etc.

Pizhichil : The process is used to cure rheumatic problems, paraplegia, sexual weakness, arthritis etc. The process involves the application of warm herbal oil on the whole body in a rhythmic manner.

Sirodhara : The process is used to cure insomnia, mental stress etc. and to rejuvenate the nerves. Lukewarm herbal oil is poured on the forehead from a suspended perforated earthen pot for 30 minutes in a rhythmic manner.

Sirovasthy : The process is used to cure facial paralysis and numbness in the head. A cap will be fitted on the head with medicinal oils.

Vasthy : The process is used to cure arthritis, hemiplegia, paralysis etc. Medicines will be administered through anus.

Day 02 : Kerala Ayurveda Rejuvenation :

The therapy is used to revitalize and detoxify your body to make you feel rejuvenated and energized. Herbal oils and medicines are used to retard your ageing process and make you feel youthful during Kerala ayurveda tour. The therapy helps to prolong your life span, improve memory, enhance the capacity of sense organs and increase your physical endurance capacity.

Day 03 : Kerala Ayurveda Stress and Strain Relief Therapy :

The therapy is used to provide you relief from daily tensions. It calms down your mood and provides a relaxing feel to your body. The process involves:

Sirodhara : Lukewarm herbal oil extract will be poured on your forehead in a rhythmic style

Thalapothichil : Medicinal paste will be applied on your scalp

Takra Dhara : Medicated ghee will be continuously flowed on your forehead for an hour

Day 04 : Stanlyakina Chikitsa (Weight Reduction) Therapy

The slimming therapy is meant to increase your metabolism. You will be prescribed "kapha-less" food and herbal tea to control "vata" in your body. Medicinal steam bath will be administered that will open micro pores in your skin to remove waste products and toxins from it. Yoga therapy will be done to have an effective change in your body metabolism.

Day 05 : Body Immunization Therapy

The process is used to preserve and enhance your body immunity. It includes several processes like:

Snehana : The therapy involves the application of medicated oil on the body

Niavarakizhi : In this sudation treatment, body is made to perspire using special boluses containing cooked herbal rice

Nasyam : Herbal juices and oils will be dripped into the nostrils

Swedana : You will be treated with medicated steam to improve blood circulation

Day 06 : Kerala Ayurveda Wellness

The program involves the use of traditional therapies, yoga exercises, swimming etc. and controlled intake of prescribed food. It is made to improve the overall health of your body and to keep it rejuvenated and disease free for years. The program is aimed to balance your body fat and mass to improve the metabolic functions of your body.

Besides this, we have some more specialized Kerala Ayurveda tour packages like :

  • Body slimming and rejuvenation therapies for women
  • Ayurveda Rasayam Chikitsa (Anti-aging)
  • Ayurveda Beauty Care Therapies
  • Revitalization therapies for old age disorders
  • Harmonization therapy for mind, body and soul
  • Ayurveda therapy for lower back pain

Avail Kerala Ayurveda treatment packages to rejuvenate yourself during your travel to Kerala.

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