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Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple

Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple is devoted to Goddess Rajarajeshwari who is also known as Adiparashakthi. Bhagavathy Temple is located 17 km from Ernakulam in Kerala. Rajarajeshwari temple deity is worshipped in three forms during the day as Saraswati in the morning when she is draped in white cloth, Lakshmi at the noon time when she is draped in crimson cloth and Durga in evening when she is draped in blue clothing. The golden hued idol of Bhagvathi is bedecked with jewels and garlands. It has four arms; the upper right arm has a disc while her upper left arm has a conch. Lower right hand is in boon-conferring posture while her lower left is in abhaya (fearless) posture.

Two main festivals are celebrated in the Bhagavathy temple, viz. Makom Thozal and Navaratri during the months of March and October-November respectively in which thousands of devotees participate. People having mental ailments come to the temple to pay their obeisance to the goddess Bhagvathi who graciously cures them of their ailments. Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple presents an excellent example of the ancient vishwakarma sthapathis or the wooden sculpture work for which Kerala temples are renowned. It is one of the most revered temples in Kerala. Guruthi Pooja is done in the temple everyday with full devotion which is attended by thousands of devotees.

Original idol of the goddess is made of laterite. It is placed at the very place where the goddess is supposed to have self manifested (swayambhoo) herself. It is actually an irregular shaped red color stone called Rudraksha Sila. The specialty of this stone is that it is untouched by any human sculptor and is made available for public viewing at 4 am only. An image of Mahavishnu made of granite is situated on the same pedestal, on the right of divine mother Bhagvathi. Both of the deities are collectively referred as Lakshmi Narayana. Idols of some more deities like Shiva, Ganapathi, Subramanya, Brahma and Sastha share the same pedestal with the goddess mother.

There is a paala tree situated on the northeast of "Kizhukkavu" shrine with long iron nails all around. These iron nails are hammered by the haunted victims with their foreheads. It is believed that such hammering by forehead cures the victims of their mental abnormalities. Valiya Guruthy pooja is performed each Friday in the Chottanikkara Bhagavathy temple especially for the haunted women.

Legend :

There is a legend associated with the temple. In earlier days, the area where the temple is located was a dense forest. Once a ferocious dacoit named Kannappan brought a cow to his house to slaughter but it escaped into the woods. Kannappan could not trace the cow. He then found his daughter playing with the same cow next day. Thereafter, he gave up the idea of slaughtering the cow but few days later his daughter died. When Kannappan looked for the cow, it was nowhere and he found two stones instead.

The stones were then long forgotten. Once a woodcutter came to the forest and started sharpening her axe on the stones. To her shock, the stones suddenly started bleeding. Then goddess Bhagvathi came to the dreams of Kannappan and revealed that she has come to his house in the form of a cow. The stones were then considered divine and worshipped by the tribals. A modest temple was initially constructed at the place which was later modified by the devotees and subsequent rulers to its present glory.


Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple is 38 km from Kochi International Airport and 18 km from Ernakulam Railway Station.

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